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FaceApp Pro is an application by which you can easily edit your face images by the amazing filters, which it has with a number of amazing quality stickers. The most electrifying thing about this application is its picture quality and filtering technique.

FaceApp Mod Apk

Are You Looking for The Best Android Photo Editing App? Then You are at the Right Place. Today Here we present you one of the best Photo editing apps of all time for your Android phones.

Read this post carefully here I am provide you with all the details about FaceApp Pro Unlocked without any cost. Well, this article is very entrancing because I will share all the details about this application along with the installation procedure.

If you have a desire to install this application and use this application, then please read this article very deeply. My commands will be absolutely helpful to you in getting a profitable result for editing.

What Is FaceApp Pro App?

FaceApp Pro is an application by which you can easily edit your face images by the amazing filters, which it has with a number of amazing quality stickers. The most electrifying thing about this application is its picture quality and filtering technique. To get an amazing result while face editing, you can easily use this app. You can simply edit any type of image in your way. So, to get a quality of outcome, you can easily utilize this app. Why are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this APK, to create the best and most funny photos by using this application.

History Of FaceApp

You should be familiar that this APK was inaugurate by a Russian Company, which is known as FaceApp Technology limited in Feb, 2017. At the time of emergence, it was not famous like this .

Well, it did a lot of features like changing your gender, adding a special effects, even adding a smile, and a lot of many others. Only due to this features, it became top trending application in the world.

In Jul, of 2019, it became trend on Facebook. The common people, even many famous actors, uploaded their images by editing with this FaceApp Pro So, then got enormous admiration at that time and even now as well.

Not only at that time, but it also has colossal popularity right now as well. If you check the Google play rating, then you will definitely know the popularity of this app. The chief purpose behind this popularity are quality functions with convenent use and impressive editing technology.

How does FaceApp Work?

You can easily use and download this application both in Android and iOS. If you have a desire to edit your face, you have to come behind on these steps which are given below.

  • First of all, download and install FaceApp Pro application. It takes a short time to be done.
  • The Mod class is unlocked. So, you can simply use all the premium animations of this Mod APK. This application is entirely secure, which you can simply download from the Play Store.
  • After completion of the installation, You can edit your face image.
  • You have to look a good photo from the Files to edit.
  • Then drag the photo with a frame that should be similar with your face size.
  • After doing that, Go to the filter option and use the filters which you desired to sloicit on the picture. you would have to Wait for a moment for the proper implementation of a specific filter and the result as well.
  • Your picture is primed;  is ready to share.
  • There you will get the Social sharing option. You just need to click on those sharing options, and your photo will be published.

Change Your Age

With just a some easy instructions, you can easily edit any app and also add funny stickers to it. Changing your face totally different from reality. Only of this face-changing feature, FaceApp becomes very popular.

Through this software, you can change your face to a young or old face. It’s realy amazing. Due to that feature, many people search for the Faceapp.

Faceapp has racially mixed a lot of unique function, including mood-changing functions. Through this thrilling feature, you can easily add a smile to a serious picture.

After editing a picture, you can easily save that photo into your Gallery or also share those pictures to social media by using the Sharing button. If you want to get strained and amazing photos, then you should use this app.

Features of FaceApp Pro

In Faceapp Pro, you will get all of the surcharge features without any cost. Here, we will discuss the surcharge features of this application.

Pro Unlocked Free

All the premium function of this app are unlocked in the premium version of this application. By many clicks, you can easily create an amazing picture that can easily attract others towards you. With this app, you will get an amazing look. So, for what you are waiting ? Go aheed and search , Install this App and enjoy with its amazing features.

Without Watermark

Without any watermark, you can easily click, edit, and share any image with this app. I hope you had seen when you click on the image by Faceapp APK, then you will to show the pop of Watermark. If you use Faceapp Pro app, then you will absolutely not get any watermark.

Unlimited Filters

In Faceapp PRO, you will get a number of filters. Through these filters, you can easily edit any of your pictures and give it a satisfactory look. Because of this reason, Faceapp apk is very famous among folks of people.

Hollywood Filters

Do you have a desierd to give your images the Bollywood look? If yes, then it’s also Viable with FaceApp. By using this app, you can provided by the Hollywood look in your photo.

Attractive Style and Hair Colour

Attractive Style and Hair Colour are two significant features of this application. By using this application, you can simply give a enhancing look to your photo. Well, it also helps in improving the social experience. So, go ahead and install this application.

Age Changer Feature

It’s the most famous feature of this app. By using this app, you can easily change your age. By updating age, you can transfer yourself from younger to older or older tom younger. It’s a hot feature of this app. Because of this feature, this application got very famous in 2019-2023.

Beard & Mustache

By using this app, you can easily add up a beard and mustache to your image that will help you in getting an attractive look. It will give you a handsome look. So, go ahead  and install this app to provide you with a beautiful look by editing.

Express Your Imagination

Through this application, you can simply express your imaginative idea. Here we have enlisted something for you.


  • You can simply change your hair color and style.
  • rearly Perfect Selfie with the Bollywood Style Filter.
  • Get amazing Beard and Mustache style.
  • Add Up a beautiful smile in your picture.
  • Exchange the background of your photo.
  • Colorful filters are available.
  • Apply evening and day Make-up.
  • The impression filters in Full-Size

Have A Fun

  • Change your Gender.
  • AI will find the best hairstyle for you.
  • Change your age.
  • Add amazing Tattoos to your picture.

What’s New In Faceapp Mod Apk?

Current Version 11.5.3

Introducing multi-window affinity and a refined UI for foldable and tablet devices. In addition, we’ve enhanced the Background Tool by improving zoom and mirror functions!

Version 11.5.1

This update includes staging improvements to our Photo Editor and several bug fixes for a superior overall application experience.

Version 11.5.0

This update is about UI fixes and firmness improvements.

Version 11.4.0

In this updated version , we re-designed the Crop screen and added the Histogram view for the Adjustments tools, making editing more professional and informative. Moreover, we continued working on Editor performance!

I Love Very Much Faceapp Pro Mod Apk

Faceapp PRO is accutully an amazing application with a lot of functions. It can fulfil your whole photo editing requirements. So, it has a huge fan base. People are very exited about it; Google search trends can prove this.

You can easily use the free version of this app. But, now it’s also developing itself with a number of features. Well, for getting premium features, you just need to pay some cost per month, and then all premium features will be yours.

But, if you go with our link, then you will get all unlocked pro version at the free of cost. Here, we have uploaded the best version of this application, which has all the premium features. So, you can simply go with this.

How To Install FaceApp Mod Apk?

Here, we will provide you with the Installation procedure of this PRO APK. If you follow these steps, then you can easily install this application within 2 minutes.

  1. Click on the below link and download the application by clicking on i
  2. After that, install this app and give access permission to all the notifications.
  3. That’s it; your app is fully prepared to operate.
  4. let’s enjoy this amazing application.


We have discussed some FAQs related to Faceapp Pro MOD APK. This discussion will guide you in conception this application properly and help you in operating this application.

Is Faceapp PRO Apk Free?

Yes, Faceapp APK is available in the free version. With this version, you will get a lot of enhancing features but will not get some features. So, you have to pay a little amount of money to get all the  features of this app.

Is Faceapp PRO APK Saving Personal Data?

No, it’s not saving your personal data. You can easily use this application without any worries. So, for what are you waiting for go and Install this APK and give your feedback through the comment box.

Is Faceapp Pro free?

Is this Pro version of this app is free? You have this question. Yes, it’s totally free. here you will get this premium version free of cost. So, you can easily go with the free APK Pro version.

How can you Download Faceapp PRO APK?

Well, you can download this app within a few steps. Just need to open this article then click on the Install application button. That’s it. Here, you will get the premium version of this app.

What is Faceapp PRO?

Faceapp Pro Apk is a version of the Faceapp App. Here, you will get a number of premium features with a quality editing system. Yes, you have to pay money to get these amazing features. But, with us, you will get these function free of cost. 

Is it secure to Download?

Yes, it’s absoultly secure to download from our site. Here, we have uploaded the best version of this application, including all the versions of this app. So, you can simply go with it to unlock your editing skill.

Download FaceApp MOD APK (Fully Unlocked)

Here, we give the  link of Mod Version of this App. In this version, you will get all the premium functions with a quality of editing experience. It’s totally updated and secure to work.

App NameFaceApp Photo Editor
LicensePremium Unlocked
DeveloperFaceApp Corporation
CategoryPhoto Editor
Last UpdateA Day Ago


I hope you like this Post. If you like, then shear and shout out the amazing features of this application beyond social media. if you have any questions related to this MOD Version of this Application, then you can ask from us via the comment box. in this application you can make your pictures most enhancing and attractive you can make your pictures more beautiful by applying different filters. Face app pro facilitate the users with a lot of animations which makes this application  more superior than the others applications so for what you are waiting click the down load button which is given at the top of the article.

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