How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iOS App in 2023?


How much does it cost to build an app? This is the burning question that comes to mind when you decide to develop an app or digitally transform your business. The cost of developing an iOS app can be influenced by various factors, such as the technology stack, feature set, and hiring approach. In this article, we will guide you through the process of analyzing the cost and help you build a customized app that disrupts the market.

Region-Based Analysis

Depending on the region, the cost of developing an iOS app can vary significantly. In the Asian region, the cost is estimated to range from $5,000 to $100,000, while in the UK or US, it can go up to $10,000 to $450,000. The key is to manage your development budget while hiring a highly skilled team. You can consider IT staff augmentation agencies that provide temporary solutions by tapping into the global talent pool.

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Developing An iOS App For Your Business

Now let’s delve into the factors that affect the cost of developing an iOS app for your business.

1. Size Of The iOS App

The size of an iOS app depends on the amount of content and features it includes. Some apps are small and simple, while others are more complex and require more resources. The size of the app can be categorized as basic, semi-complex, or enterprise-level complex. The complexity of an app affects its development cost and time.


2. Complexity Of The Integrated Features

The complexity of the features you choose for your iOS app can significantly impact the development cost. Let’s break down the different levels of complexity and their estimated impact on the cost of your iOS app.

Low-Complexity Features Of An iOS App

  • User login and registration: Allows users to create an account and log in using their credentials.
  • User profile and settings: Allows users to customize their experience within the app.
  • Data synchronization: Enables users to sync and access their data across multiple devices.
  • In-app purchases: Allows users to purchase additional content or features within the app.

Medium-Complexity Features

  • Data visualization: Presents data in a visual format, such as charts or graphs.
  • Geolocation: Tracks the user’s location and provides relevant information or functionality based on it.
  • Push notifications: Sends notifications to users even when they are not actively using the app.
  • Social integration: Integrates the app with social media platforms.

High-Complexity Features

  • Augmented reality: Overlays digital content on the real world using the phone’s camera and sensors.
  • Machine learning: Uses algorithms and data to make predictions based on user interactions.
  • IoT integration: Connects the app to IoT devices.
  • Advanced Multi Factor user authentication: Secures user data with password manager solutions.

3. Hiring Approach Of iOS App Development Team

The cost of developing an iOS app is highly dependent on the development team you hire. You can choose to hire remote developers or in-house developers. Remote developers can be a cost-effective option as they eliminate overhead costs. In contrast, hiring in-house developers may be more expensive but allows for better communication and collaboration.

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Developers Expertise-Level

Hiring experienced developers will impact the overall cost. Experienced developers may charge higher rates, but they can ensure more efficient and high-quality development. If your budget is limited, you can consider hiring less experienced developers or partnering with a development team that balances cost efficiency with experience.

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4. Developer’s Location

The location of the developer also plays a role in the cost estimation. Hiring an iOS app developer in the US can cost more than hiring one in Eastern European countries due to differences in hourly rates and taxes.


5. Cost To Develop iOS App As Per Domain Choice

The choice of domain can influence the overall cost of developing an iOS app. Popular domains include gaming, business, and education. The cost will vary depending on the features and complexity of the chosen domain.

6. Native, Hybrid, Or Web-Based App Development

The type of app development you choose will also affect the cost. Native app development, which is specific to the iOS platform, is generally the most expensive option. Hybrid app development is more cost-effective, while web-based app development is the most affordable but comes with limitations in functionality and performance.

7. Cost To Develop iOS App With Custom API Integrations

API integrations can enhance the functionality of your iOS app but may add to the development cost. Payment API integration and third-party API integration are two common types. Payment API integration enables secure payment solutions, while third-party APIs provide additional features but can increase costs.

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Key Takeaways

While cost is an important consideration, it should not be the only factor when hiring developers. Quality is equally crucial in the competitive iOS app market. Consider your budget, target audience, and business objectives when estimating the cost. Hiring dedicated iOS developers can be a cost-effective solution that ensures a responsive and robust app.

Incorporate these factors into your cost analysis journey to develop a successful iOS app that meets your unique business needs. Don’t forget to check out for more information.


How much does it cost to develop an iOS app in 2023?

The cost of developing an iOS app can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple app to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complex app. The specific requirements and complexity of the app determine the cost.

Are there any factors that can affect the cost of developing an iOS app?

Yes, several factors can impact the cost, including the complexity of the app, the features and functionalities it contains, the resources required for development, and any additional costs such as testing.

Is it more expensive to develop an iOS app or an Android app?

The cost of development does not solely depend on the platform. Regardless of whether it’s an iOS or Android app, the cost is determined by the specific requirements and complexity of the app.

Is it possible to estimate the cost of developing an iOS app before starting the project?

It is possible to estimate the cost before starting the project, but the actual cost may vary based on any changes or additional requirements encountered during development. An experienced development team can provide a rough estimate based on the specific requirements of the app.