How to Easily Cancel Your McDonald’s App Order

If you’re someone with a bustling schedule who doesn’t have time to cook, chances are you’ve turned to food delivery apps for a quick and convenient meal. One of the most popular and largest food delivery apps out there is McDonald’s. But do you know how to cancel your order on the app? If not, let’s find out!

Cancelling Your McDonald’s App Order

It’s a common occurrence for people to have to cancel their orders for various reasons. The good news is, cancelling your McDonald’s app order is a simple process. Here’s how you can do it directly from the app:

  • Open the McDonald’s app.
  • Click on “My Orders.”
  • Under “My Orders,” select “View Your History.”
  • Tap on the “Cancel” button.
  • Confirm your cancellation by tapping “Cancel” once more.

Cancelling Your McDonald’s App Order by Phone

If you prefer to cancel your order by phone, you can call McDonald’s customer service number at 1800-244-6227. Provide them with your order number and any other details they may ask for, and they will take care of cancelling the order for you. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to your delivery partner. Here are the contact numbers for some popular delivery partners:

  • For Uber Eats: 866-987-3744
  • For DoorDash: 833-510-0332

Cancelling Your McDonald’s Order from the Website

If you placed your McDonald’s order online through their website, you can cancel it from there as well. Follow these steps:

Getting a Refund from McDonald’s

Whether or not you can get a refund from McDonald’s depends on the stage your order is at. If the delivered items are unsatisfactory or incorrect, you can submit a refund request directly through the restaurant. The restaurant manager will review your request, and if it’s valid, your refund will be transferred directly to your account.

If you want a refund for a cancelled order that you’ve already paid for, you can contact the store manager via email or phone and explain your valid reason for cancellation. If the store manager is convinced, you will receive a full refund for your order.

Deleting Your McDonald’s App Account

If you wish to delete your McDonald’s app account, follow these steps:

  • Open the McDonald’s app.
  • Click on “More” from the bottom navigation bar.
  • Select the “Profile” option.
  • Tap on “Delete Account.”
  • Confirm your deletion by tapping on “Delete Account.”
  • Your McDonald’s account will be permanently deleted.
  • Alternatively, you can submit a “McDonald’s Account Deletion” request by filling out the form on the CCPA Rights Center.

Note: Deleting your account will result in the loss of all rewards, points, and data associated with your McDonald’s account.

What Happens if You Don’t Pick Up Your McDonald’s Order?

If you fail to pick up your McDonald’s order, the store may take a few actions. Depending on your location, the staff may contact you to inform you that your order is ready for pickup. If all else fails, the store may hold onto the order for a certain period before dismissing it. It’s important to check the policies of your specific location for accurate information regarding this matter. Additionally, you may be charged fees for not picking up your order.

That’s it! Now you know how to easily cancel your McDonald’s app order. McDonald’s provides excellent service for both delivery and order cancellation, ensuring a hassle-free experience. So, next time you need to cancel an order, remember that McDonald’s has got you covered!