15 Ways to Boost Android App Installs

When you pour your heart and soul into creating a mobile app, you naturally hope that people will give it a chance. But getting users to hit that “Install” button can be a tough nut to crack.

However, don’t despair! There are proven strategies that can significantly increase your app downloads. Some of them may not be well-known, but they have successfully earned millions of downloads for top apps. In this post, we’ll explore these hidden gems and share 15 effective ways to get more mobile app installs.

1) Reach More Users With App Store Optimization

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the go-to places for discovering new apps. While becoming an Editor’s Choice is a great boost, you have more control over your app’s listing. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the key to making your app page accessible and inviting. Consider optimizing your keywords, creating a catchy title, writing a compelling app description, and uploading eye-catching screenshots. Study your competitors’ listings and understand what your ideal user might search for. Also, adapt your listing for each region, considering language nuances and regional preferences.

2) Expand Your Target Audience Through App Localization

The beauty of the App Store and Google Play Store is their global reach. But to tap into international markets, you need to speak your users’ language. Translation alone may not be enough; full app localization is essential. This means adapting your app to different languages, cultures, and locations. Localization experts, like OneSky, can help you with translation, content optimization, and even listing adaptation. Good localization unlocks new audiences and ensures a better user experience, leading to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.

3) Launch a Website (or Improve Your Existing One)

Every online product, including your app, should have its own website. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it should focus on search engine optimization. Many users search for apps on Google, so having a website allows you to capture their attention and showcase your app’s best features. Make sure your landing page includes attention-grabbing images, a teaser video, and a strong call-to-action that directs users to your download page.

4) Use Content Marketing to Engage With Potential Users

Content marketing is a powerful tool for promoting apps across various categories. You can add a blog to your app’s website, create video tutorials on YouTube, or even start a podcast series. Take inspiration from Evernote, which regularly shares user surveys and productivity-related content. By consistently delivering relevant content, you attract users and can pitch your app in every post, video, or episode. Additionally, regular content creation boosts your website’s search engine optimization.

5) Take Over Social Media

Content sharing on social media can be a highly effective strategy for driving app downloads. Calm, an app for relaxation and meditation, regularly shares soothing images, stress management tips, and user testimonials on Instagram. Even if users aren’t actively searching for a meditation app, engaging content can lead them to Calm’s bio link, ultimately resulting in app downloads. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to directly encourage downloads by including links within your posts.

6) Get Some Influencers on Your Team

Not every startup has the resources to build a massive following on social media. However, working with social media influencers can introduce your app to a brand new audience. Influencers with a smaller but highly-engaged audience can help you make a big impact. They can talk about your app, demonstrate its features, and drive downloads. Choose influencers whose audience aligns with your target users, and offer them a sponsorship package to collaborate on social media.

7) Create a Demo Video

Just like movie trailers generate excitement, a demo or promo video can give potential users a taste of your app. It allows them to understand your product’s key features and functionality before committing to downloading it. While Apple’s App Store supports only screenshots, the Google Play Store allows video previews. Utilize this opportunity to showcase your app in action and entice users with its unique selling points.

Image Source: Upgrade Your Branding

8) Prompt Users to Leave Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews play a significant role in influencing potential users. Encouraging your existing users to leave ratings and reviews can significantly impact your download numbers. Consider having a pop-up prompt that appears after users have used the app for a certain period or a set number of times. This ensures more people leave feedback, and you’re more likely to receive positive input. Social proof, in the form of ratings and reviews, is a powerful motivator for potential users.

9) Encourage Referrals

Referrals are unbeatable when it comes to marketing. People are more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family than ads or articles, especially if your app has a social aspect. Implement a referral system where users are rewarded for bringing in new users. This incentive encourages existing users to recommend your app and drives more downloads.

10) Upgrade Your Branding

With millions of apps available, your branding needs to be spot on to stand out from the competition. Ensure your app icon is eye-catching and well-designed, while also conveying quality. The app name should clearly explain what your app does, and you can even include relevant keywords. A strong branding package makes a significant impact on potential users who come across your app in search results.

11) Play With Pricing to Leverage App Charts

App charts are a popular way for users to discover new apps. Although it may seem challenging to reach the top ten, it’s not impossible. Many developers leverage limited-time price drops to encourage a surge of downloads, propelling their app into the top charts. This sudden influx of downloads leads to increased brand exposure and attracts more users in the long run.

12) Switch to a Freemium or Paymium Model

In a world flooded with free apps, getting users to pay upfront can be difficult. Freemium pricing models, where users can download and try your app for free but have the option to purchase additional features, are increasingly popular. Freemium models generate revenue and profit in various app categories. If you’re not ready to offer your app for free, consider the paymium model, where users pay for a “lite” version and upgrade via in-app purchases or separate downloads.

13) Make Friends in the Press

Getting your app featured in the press can create a buzz around it. Pitch your app to news sites and special interest blogs, providing them with a newsworthy press release. Some publishers, like TechCrunch, may even write about your business if you raise funds or launch a new feature. One article can drive thousands of new users to your app’s download page.

Image Source: Make Friends in the Press

14) Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

Even if you can’t secure free press coverage, affiliate marketing offers another way to increase exposure. Affiliate marketing involves offering a small commission to sites that link to your app, earning them revenue with each user who downloads or purchases your product. Blogs with large readerships can attract significant traffic to your app page, resulting in more downloads.

15) Add Some Social Features

The social aspect of an app can be a powerful motivator for users to refer their friends. Think about incorporating social functionality into your app, even in categories beyond gaming. Apps in health and fitness, entertainment, and food can also benefit from social features. Easy-to-implement social elements can increase engagement and user retention, leading to more app downloads.

The Bottom Line

Implementing these 15 strategies can significantly boost your app’s install numbers. However, one of the most potent ways is app localization. By making your app accessible to users worldwide, you can gain millions of new users in just a few weeks. OneSky offers an easy-to-use platform with over 1,000 translators and localization experts ready to assist you at affordable prices. Sign up for a free trial account today and unlock the potential of global app localization for your business!